MVPs of the year

I've been seeing quite a bit of SOTC posts recently, which I dig, but since I mostly post from my phone it's just easier to go with a couple of highlights.

OK, it was originally going to be just one, the GD-120MB. I wear that watch all the time, going to work? Grab the stealth bomber. Going to the beach? Sure that wagon wheel will result in a pronounced watch tan, but it will survive that cold lake Michigan water with ease. I've slightly modded this watch by painting the lettering of the bezel to match some of the red details on the dial. 

The square is also mvp because it's my morning watch. Wakes me up in the morning and helps me with one of the most important parts of my day, making coffee. The square is the watch I wear when I can't decide on a watch. In theory the only watch I need. Quite possibly the coolest watch I've ever had.


A GShock is rarely a bad choice. 


Definitely MVP. 🍻