IF I were to do the one watch challenge

These are the ones I would consider.

Many things in common, but most importantly all show the time while running functions. If I had to choose right now I'd go with the 6900 because it's the 6900. Then the black square, the 9052, and then the camo square. I'm considering getting in on the game, but the main thing holding me back is that I'm gonna go to one of the windup watch fairs and I have a nice budget to work with this time.


I know for a fact that my mind is not that hard that i can wear just one of my beauties in a whole month. Atm my 5040 would be a hot contender, but there s also my 5000 U (0 Wrist time yet), my 6900, or my Monster (if it only would be back from Seiko from repairs)