Birthday watches

My bday was a few weeks ago and went to NYC. Of course I ended up at the g shock store and I got these two! My gf got me the green Casio! The dudes working the store were really cool and resized that pain in the ass bracelet on the Casio for me. G Shock store is pretty cool, didn't see anything on sale, but it was my birthday thus new casioak. There's a bunch of really cool displays, past g shock collabs, some art. Cool seeing some g Shocks I've had my eye on, getting to look at them and try them on, saving me some cash in the long run, hopefully. They also had the new casiotron and some edifice watches.

Also passed by the gran seiko boutique but I was too self conscious to walk in.

One morning I walked by a guy setting up some stuff on the street and saw some watches, I thought, maybe a fake Rolex would be an amazing souvenir. I went by later and heard him out.

100 bucks, tambien ablo Espa帽ol he says.

Nah bro, some say I have a chicago accent, that's too rich for my blood.

Oh shit I mean, yeah I can go lower.

How much, 40 bucks?

I can do 70. 70 bucks, I thought, for this unique interaction, help the man out, times are tough. But then what if it broke, times are tough,70 bucks buys me soo many nyc hot dogs, what if it breaks, what if the bracelet sucks and lugs are some impossible size? I bade the gent goodbye and thanks for the offer and off I went, once again turning a corner and thinking, wow nyc really does look like that!


Alas the invicta store wasn't there, apparently having closed a bit before my trip. The swatch store was very cool, and if I knew I wasn't going to get myself a g Shock later I would've gotten something from them.

I really like the #casioak look. The yellow is a great choice. Happy birthday and congrats on your new additions.

Also go into the Gran Seiko store next time. You deserve it.

Godteir 2 watch collection for all occasions. Well done. Dress, everyday, diver, beater all in 2 watches.

Love the green dial! Can I have the reference no.?


Love the green dial! Can I have the reference no.?

Mtp-1302, there's a few other colors too.

Congrats and happy birthday! Mine was a couple weeks ago too. Love the story about the fake Rolex haha