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nsw068 ·

What are the best watches with clean cut but sporty rubber straps?

Best combo as is or aftermarket/mods are great too! The pictures are just general ideas that have inspired the thought. Thanks everyone!!
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case_and_dial ·

The often overlooked Casio Edifice collection 🏎️

If you couldn’t tell by now, I’m a huge fan of Casio watches. The brand represents a large portion of my collecting journey and no matter how many wat...
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KavsWatches ·

New to watch collecting…

As my profile states, I’ve always enjoyed watches and even though I’ve held an interest in them I had never owned one. After recently being made redun...
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ToolWatchTom ·

Is this the Futur for G-Shock?

Some of you may have seen me comment on posts relating to the world of G-Shock recently that I feel that they are becoming a fashion brand * audible g...
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laiskumus ·

Best of both worlds

Perfect union of tech and design. I love the idea that I can have this design on a watch that I don’t have to worry about breaking. Plus it’s solar po...
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kernit ·


To be honest, these four watches are everything we will ever need in a watch. When you get your hands on an IFL Casioak, "you gone godtier"!!! I must...

Casio Casioak GA & GM 2100 Series

5.0 Avg. Score
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SimonB ·

G-Shock's in the Wild

This Anax, one of the contractors to whom I deliver building materials. When I noticed his amazing CasiOak. A custom piece from Studio Japan with a Ti...
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AshKetchup ·

Poll: CasiOak Chapter Ring Colour Change

I am looking to increase legibility on my G-shock GA-2100 which is all black. It can get pretty tough to read in anything other than sunlight. 1 way I like is just swapping out the chapter ring to a m...
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kernit ·

Casioak Faceoff: metal Vs rubber : tech vs classic?

In the line of the CasiOak we are now spoilt for choice. They come with the classic Rubber with or without the Bluetooth+Solar power. This tech is so good, some solar watches really need to learn from...
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KavsWatches ·

Which watch to wear at the pool? 🤔

So I’m taking my 4yr old swimming today and I’m torn between the Boldr Venture or the CasiOak on what to wear. I wore the CasiOak yesterday so I’d normally go for the Boldr… but then I’m thinking the...
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