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commented on Summer watches.

My new Squale came in the mail today, which I primarily got for my Hawaii trip next month. The history of Squale and this blue dial just scream "paradise watch" to me. I ordered a tropic strap to pair with it, so this is definitely coming with me when I go swimming.聽

commented on Daily GMT

I keep mine in local time. I haven鈥檛 been traveling much lately, but am looking forward to wearing this piece during some travel planned this summer.

commented on Where are all the Sinners?
commented on Seiko SPB153 Review

Thanks for this review. I鈥檝e been debating on getting either this one or the Seiko SPB147. I keep flip flopping between the two, but you made a really good point in your review. There鈥檚 nothing like this Willard in the market.聽

commented on King Seiko vs. Grand Seiko

Speaking of Grand Seiko vs. King Seiko, I鈥檓 actually considering this debate for my next watch. Should I get a Grand Seiko SBGM221 or the Seiko SJE083 KSK limited edition release from last year? I鈥檓 looking for a watch to wear to the office. I don鈥檛 wear suits, but I wear dress shirts and sport coats occasionally. My current go to watch for work is a JLC Reverso with a blue face. I already have a GMT, Grand Seiko, Seiko, but they鈥檙e too casual and I鈥檓 looking for something just a touch more dressy.