How Deep Is Your Love?

Cause we're livin' in a world of fools, breakin' us down, when they all should let us be. Actually, how deep is your knowledge? Which of these old Swiss companies was instrumental in the founding of two movement manufacturers and yet was so unloved that the Swatch Group sold them off but kept Endura? No research, it is easy. (These are all cool old companies worth checking out. Endura, on the other hand, is usually a pin pallet nightmare. )

Spoilers: The logo of Eterna is supposedly the ballbearings or something from the rotor/movement (source: old ass Grey Nato episode or recent (I don't remember 馃)).

I can't answer that but I can tell you which watches could use a dial restoration.

Dang. Now I want a Kon Tiki.聽


Dang. Now I want a Kon Tiki.聽

A 1957 Kon Tiki is quite a watch.

The crowd wins again.

I will stack Eterna up against any company in the history of watches. They created the first alarm watch. They revolutionized automatic movements in 1948 by reducing friction with ball bearings. At various points they held records for thinnest men's and women's watches and for smallest water resistant watch.

But, most importantly they created ETA in the Great Depression, although it was kept as a separate entity. What would become Swatch bought both and sold of Eterna. Eterna then made Porsche Design watches after IWC. Adolph Schild was the brother of the founder of Eterna and took over the company in 1888. Eight years later he left the company to his nephews and founded his own company making watch movements.

Eterna doesn't even rate a badge on WatchCrunch.