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Sinnguy commented on My first automatic watch featuring my cat ·

I think your cat wants you to put that watch on a nato so they can borrow it.

Sinnguy commented on Sinn U50 Professional inbound ·

I wore my U50 pro today. Cheers from #30!

Sinnguy commented on How Deep Is Your Love? ·

Dang. Now I want a Kon Tiki. 

Sinnguy commented on Hesalite or Sapphire for Speedmaster Moonwatch Professional? ·

There's no wrong answer but I had the choice, held them side by side, and chose hesalite. I haven't scuffed it yet but when I do I'll get some polywatch. 

Sinnguy commented on I Only Want One Watch: A Fantasy In the Making ·

I love your writing! Now, if we could just get you to post some photos of your watches...😀

I understand your aspiration. I just realized that I haven't bought a watch or an article of clothing in 6 months.

I was a one watch guy for decades and could go back. I look at my 7 watch collection and wonder which one would would it be? 

Sinnguy commented on I Loved the Most Recent Talking Watches ·

If I ever go to a Redbar meet up I hope a guy like Allen shows up. 

Sinnguy commented on I Loved the Most Recent Talking Watches ·

The holy trinity, a gold rolex, and a panerai beater. I should have been a crane operator! 

Great episode. I enjoyed the conversation.