Water is wet. That is the kind of deep observation that I am about to lay on you.

I have been playing with this Voumard since I got it: changed the strap, figured out the quick set, etc. It has a brushed steel case and a brushed dial. The texture on the case radiates from the center, the dial goes 12-6. 聽I figured that the brushing on the dial was just to give it a bit of texture so that it would not look so flat.

I am reading while the family watches a movie that I have seen too many times (Harvey). I caught the texture of the dial at just the right angle and it positively glowed. The reflected light bounced around the brushing and gave it a back lit effect. The picture does not do it justice.

I am like a raven attracted to a shiny piece of glass.

You can just make out your observations about the dial in the picture, I can only imagine it looks a 100% better in person.

Great movie by the way, I named my Golden Retriever after the character Harvey, although he's not an invisible 6 foot Irish rabbit with a drinking problem 馃槅馃ぃ

The case brushing and dial texture contrast is uniquely brilliant! I envy you staring at that champagne or ivory-like dial. I'm sure it's mesmerizing. And you got the strap color spot on. 馃憣聽

This beauty definitely surpasses many of the "Plain Jane" designs of some luxury brands. I betcha if one of those luxury brands made something similar, many would drool over it, make raving reviews, and you could hear their unrelenting oohs and aahhs.聽

Thanks for sharing, bud. Hope you can share more stunning photos like this one, perhaps some during the golden hour, and some outdoors. 馃槈

Isn鈥檛 that a great thing with watches that you as the wearer has the privilege to admire these details. Probably no one else notice in the daily life. Great looking watch. The brushing is brilliant.聽