Watches through the generations….

When I inherited my father’s watch collection back in 2019, I don’t think I knew anything about watches back then, nor that I would catch the watch collecting disease so badly!

Despite being fortunate enough to collect some pretty nice watches of my own since, none of them give me anywhere near the same feeling as wearing some of these old, inexpensive ones (especially the early 80’s Omega de Ville, and bizarrely (for a watch snob), a Swiss made Kenneth Cole (??) with an amazing white dial!!)

There’s something really quite special about watches that have been handed down generations - they almost have a life/personality of their own.

Curious to see any watches handed down to you by previous generations….


The sad part of my collecting adventures is that I get a lot of them from estate sales, auctions and flea markets. Most people don't know what they're losing when it comes to family history. My kids, fortunately, have an interest in collecting and like the mysteries that I unravel while cleaning and fixing my new(to me) treasures 😊


I also have an Omega Deville from my dad. Your dads collections is just beautiful and unique as well. Congratulations!! Sorry about the addition though but most of us have it as well!!! :)))