Denissov OKEAH

Denissov OKEAH w/Miyota cal. 8215 

Evidently one of the very first two (very similar) watches produced (at the same time) by Denissov. (The other was the Aeronaut.)

A watchuseek member "Steele" wrote this in 2011:

It is my understanding that this model (under both Aeronaut and Ocean brands) was the first product by Denissov before they settled down on the Denissov brand. Built in the murky period soon after Poljot caved in, nobody was quite sure who owned the various Poljot brand names, so that should explain why the Ocean name was used. Of course, Volmax now makes Ocean watches within the Sturmanskie collection.

10 o'clock crown for slide rule adjustment and 3 o'clock for time/date  functions.


Excellent info appreciate the show and tell. Love that watch!

Enjoy that watch!