Rate the collection, all acquired from 2023 & 2024


I’ve been collection watches since 2021 but got serious about this hobby in 2023. It’s been fun seeing what watches peek my interest throughout the year, from being obsessed with square/rectangular watches, to digital, and especially smaller mm case sizes.

It’s been tought to find watches in the big box retailers that are around the 36mm and under that aren’t too feminine. But I have managed to find some in store and some online.

From left to right:

Cartier Santos Carrée 0902 two-tone in 24 mm. I revived this watch just yesterday and it has been my grail watch for some time now and finally pulled the trigger on it. It looks really classy and is not a bad size for my wrist. Will be my daily watch from now on… probably.

Tissot PRX quartz in 35 mm ice blue. This was my first watch that I purchased that fit my wrist nicely, and that dial matches with a lot of my shirts. It’s a perfect dressy and sporty watch. And with 100 meters of WR it is my most water resistant watch in the collection.

Bulova Surveyor automatic in 39 mm with a burgundy dial. Purchased this watch a week prior to purchasing the Cartier Santos. The dial is a wonderful shade of burgundy, it already matches with a bunch of the burgundy shirts that I have already. I did swap out the bracelet as it did not fit me the way I wanted it to, so I put a brown leather strap and I think it elevates the look of the watch. In certain light the strap and the dial look like they match, like a copper color.

Mondaine quartz in 28 mm. When I purchased this watch I was again looking for a watch that would recapture that fire that the Tissot PRX did in terms of the smaller dial sizes. In my opinion, I think it did it might be smaller than most men’s watches but for me it falls more in proportion with my wrist. Besides that, the build quality is pretty good. Another thing, it is the only watch from this collection that has a anti-reflective coating witch is pretty nifty.

Caravelle quartz (not sure in the mm’s). Purchased this watch when I was eying a watch that was similar in style to the Cartier Tank. The bracelet feels and sounds pretty cheap, but when I put the watch on it looks really good on my wrists. This watch is also one of my favorites.

Casio quartz (not sure on the reference nor the mm’s). Bought this watch on a whim while browsing the watch selection in Macy’s. Nothing really appealed to me until I saw this Casio watch. The vintage styling of the watch was something that I was drawn to, not to mention the case size looked perfect for my wrist, and the fact that I didn’t have a digital watch in my collection made me purchase this watch. It is my ‘beater watch’, the watch that I don’t really care if it gets scratched up. An all around good watch.

Let me know what y’all think of my collection :D


Very nice, the Bulova especially!


Very nice! The Bulova definitely stands out above the rest! Great collection! 👏❤️😍


Very nice! The Bulova definitely stands out above the rest! Great collection! 👏❤️😍

That dial color on it is wonderful isn’t it?! Especially on it being two tone on the hour markers and crown


The Bulova is a stand out