Omega Seamaster 300, do you like black and red combos?

The Omega Seamaster 300 ref. 166.0324 is one of our favorite watches of all time. The story behind it is pretty interesting and it's fun discussing it with fellow watch lovers, or anyone for that matter, because it's a pretty unique situation. Some people love it for what it is, some people hate it for what it is. But one thing is for sure - this watch could be a definition of the term "strap monster". Holidays are coming soon, so in that spirit we paired it with this red leather strap, which is a part of our Christmas Bundle. There is a reason why black and red combos are so popular!

Do you like black and red combos?

I like the combination. The strap spends joy and fun while the watch is dead seriuos. :)


I personally would love a CWC with a red nato. A bit more attainable 馃お


Non-PVD would a very similar look

That's it! You've finally done it - you've broken me. Beautiful image after beautiful image. I'm going to have to buy some straps from you guys

Yes! Great color combo.

Those 300s might be my all time favorite watch design.

I like it!