Quartz watch last

How long does quartz watch last


Typically it would be around 3 years but you are best to check the specific model, most will tell you.

If you don鈥檛 let the battery leak, quartz watches from the 1970s are still going strong.

There are very different levels of quartz movements, cheap chinese plastic quartz movements may easily few years

Eta v8 movements will last decades

A Grand Seiko 9f has a 50 year service interval, most likely last well over a century

Depends entirely on how they've been treated.

Got a 1976 Omega Mariner 1 from 1976 & the movement is worn out according to my watchmaker I'm having restore it. It's also very, very hard to get parts as they're also old & near the end of their natural lifespan.

The only option I've got is a new , modern movement (I'm fine with that, it's going to be a daily beater so I'm not precious about originality)

Ill post an article on here when I get it back .

All my Citizens from the 80s are still running perfectly.

I bought an Accurist quartz watch in 1987. It has a Miyota movement in it and it鈥檚 still going strong 36 years later. 馃檪

My Pulsar from the early 80's just needs a battery change every two to three years.

This question is too vague, please specify which particular quartz watch you are referring to.