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Simply simple 馃幆

Just a pic of the lovely little SQ 4004 back on its original bracelet 馃嚡馃嚨
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Sony branded Seiko

From the Daini factory aka King Seiko This Seiko 7005-8009 from 1973 (birth year watch) was apparently given to Sony employees. Does anyone else have...
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seiko marine master 200

the watch is intriguing and also brings a great amount of Seiko heritage. loves the nato feels on the wrist
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Seiko Vintage Watch Crystals | Acrylic v Sapphire

Thanks to WC, I fell headlong down the "Vintage Seiko Rabbit Hole" Over the past six weeks, I've been perusing the huge selection that eBay had to off...
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Hello all, I鈥檓 John from Nj. Been into watches a long time ( watches in my price range). I鈥檝e always been a Seiko automatic guy as far as wrist watche...
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Who loves a vintage watch?

I will choose vintage over modern any day. What about you guys/gals?
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The Perfect Collection!

I can finally say, 鈥淚 have the perfect collection鈥 There will be no more watch purchasing for me for the next 20 + years. haha 馃馃徏 crossed. (Even thoug...
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King Seiko 5246-5030 Review

King Seiko 5246-5030, a true hidden gem among the vintage King Seikos as it was not even found in the regular JDM catalog. This will be a mini review...
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Your thoughts on 2 hands watch?

One of many charming thinngs in a mechanical watch is its smooth sweeping second hand. What's your thought on 2 hands manual winding watch such as Sei...
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1980 Seiko Type II Quartz - like Tissot PRX

Super excited with my new (old) Seiko! I told myself I'll never buy another quartz watch, but this humble little retro nugget from the quartz crisis e...
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