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Universal Genève Polerouter

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All I need is a watch to look at and forgot about the time!
Starting the week strong with a 1963 Polerouter :)
The strap has arrived! Big thanks to @WabiSabiMaster for the inputs 🥰 Just stunning. Now all I need is a black tux!

How I feel when my friend gets a good deal on a vintage watch I wanted.

Been trying to get a universal geneve polerouter for a while, can never find a quality one I trust.
Shopping for dinner…put on a NATO on a dress watch cause I am such a rebel
#polerouter is back to my wrist! Bought myself a third party exhibition case back so I can admire this marvious piece of engineering more than half a...
[NWA] Universal Genève Polerouter Date 869102 (1965) Finally have a proper dress watch on my wrist! Been eyeing on this guy for quite awhile ever sinc...

Huge News 🎉. Show off your UGs

It's about time someone bring back the legendary Universal Geneve. Let's make a UG appreciation post and tell the people which model you are looking f...
Vintage for me today. One of my favourites. The Universal Genève Polerouter in 18k rose gold.
Continuing a Smiths run with the Transglobal with adventurine dial. Delicious Polerouter vibes on a Monday. Hope you all have a great week!