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OldSnafu ·

Casio 5600 on leather instead of the cheap plastic

I change out all the bracelets and plastic straps i can from my watches and modify the straps to fit. Can't stand the plastic or the weight of the met...
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ImNevix ·

New look

After months of waiting the new strap for my Montblanc 1858 Iced Sea came in. Love the way it looks.
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GullibleAndroid ·

Picked Up A Tasty New Strap for the American Clipper

Not usually one for leather straps in anything besides black or brown, but really love how this compliments the dial. (Thanks for the inspiration @Myc...
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Old_School ·


You know its Monday and its time to call it a day when you change your watch strap, step back in victory and see this...
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BrianE ·

You Crunchers and your damn straps!

I never really thought of strap-swapping until I joined this motley crew of watch-nerds. Well, fine. I give in. I love my chunky Navihawk (as seen abo...
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sygyzy ·

Metal bracelets impossible to remove from Cartier Tank Must?

Hi, I spent a few hours today trying to remove a beads of rice bracelet from a Cartier Tank Must and I am wondering if there's something I was missing...
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Stroud_Green ·

New strap, different watch

I struggled to wear this watch with the factory fabric strap, it was just too uncomfortable. I have now swapped it out for a Staza "British Elegance"...
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George55 ·

Quick Change Spring Bars

Is there any way to change normal spring bars for quick change? I’m sure Apple didn’t invent this but I’d assume the Apple Watch has made quick change...
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Half_Life ·

Does it feel like a new watch when you change the strap

Can’t be buying new watches all the time so I try to change the straps and there you have it… a new watch.. Is it just me or my fellow crunchers feel...
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omerbashir86 ·

Casio Duro bracelet

Just swapped out the default strap with a bracelet on my marlin. Wears a lot better with a bracelet in my opinion (as compared to the factory strap)
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