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Switching straps

If you have 2-3 watches you love, and they happen to have the same lug width, it's fun to see the watch change completely with other straps.

First time attempting to change the bracelet to a strap 🤞

Thought I’d go for a more dressy look for a friend’s wedding tomorrow 🕴️
One of my fav watches on a new strap from Temu!

Fun with straps

My strap collection is finally getting to the place where daily strap swaps are becoming extremely common and a hell of a lot of fun. I’m especially p...

Unfamiliar bracelet system

Looking for some help on removing the bracelet on this Timex Tonneau - not familiar with this system. Its stumped all of my standard tools so far. Any...

Considering a strap swap

Th original strap isn't going to win any prizes for originality and it doesn't look like something an Xwing pilot would wear so I'm thinking about changing it. Other style suggestions, with links welc...
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At Kuma's Korner test driving a new strap.
My first Temu strap purchase went pretty well I'd say - grey suede
Good morning Crunchers! Today’s wrist shot is dedicated to Sam (@SamSam) who inspired me to change the bracelet on my Steeldive with a rubber diver’s...
Continuing with the Worldtimer theme for this week. It of course had to be the green one for Friday. Trying my Raymond Weil Freelancer gmt Worldtimer...