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jmpclicks ·

Macy's has some sale on Seiko watches

Going to pick this one:
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sloth1982 ·

Sales online
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HonestWatchReviews ·

AliExpress Sale 2023

Here's a quick video going over some of the AliExpress watches I currently have in for review, but won't have time to do full reviews before the sale...
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bikerbill ·

Buying on a tight budget

You've got £100 ($125) to spend on a brand new watch. Items on sale can be included What's it going to be
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bikerbill ·

Good deals spotted

I don't know if this will work but thought I'd start a thread where members can give heads up to others on good deals spotted on the interweb, or mayb...
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Droptuned83 ·

" SOTC" Update on my current crop of watch's

This is it though I have to confess to having just ordered a new one by accident from a company I use called Geckota , had a bit of a shop in their sa...
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ThirdWatch ·

Something Different

I don’t usually go after fashion brands. I don’t usually go after ladies watches. This one just struck my eye with the red accents, the wave pattern d...
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Chaimzvi ·

Flash Sale on Amazon

In case anyone else has been shopping around for a watch roll for storage, the Qwatchbands hexagon “roll” that I’ve been eyeing on Amazon has just dro...
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Mike_2 ·

Islander Republic GMT Just Got a Lot More Tempting

Earlier this year, Marc at Long Island Watch released the Republic GMT. This is the first Islander watch that has grabbed my attention and I’ve been s...
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KairosChrono ·

Anybody else taking advantage of the YEN decline in value???

Anybody else purchasing directly from Japanese sellers at about 25-40% off retail US price? I know I am. 🤤🤑😎
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