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Shellman Grand Complication Strap Recommendation

Hi all, Recently got this little oddball from ebay, really happy but think it'd look great on a leather strap. Any recommendations?

Best everyday watch? Recommendations?

What is a good every watch for under 500? Need something on a bracelet, sapphire crystal, automatic movement and it must be from a “mainstream” brand...

Looking for strap recommendations!

Hello all! I’m looking for straps as all my watches are on bracelets. I do have a nato strap that I enjoy, but I’d love to add some straps to the coll...

First watch recommendations?

I'm very new to watches in general and I was hoping to get some watch recommendations from the watchcrunch community to get started. So I'm not even 1...

2 Watch Collection Suggestion

Okay crunchers, bear with me: Over the last few years my watch hobby has taken me many places. Mostly places where my wallet hates me for going, but p...

Alternative to a watch

Hello the majestic people of the "time" community. I have a problem with picking an alternative to a watch. At this point i have 2 divers of 38mm and...

Need recommendations for a GMT

I’ve been looking for what my first “luxury”/higher quality watch purchase will be. I currently have 2 chronographs, both Quartz, one solar, as well a...

Help me find a dressy quartz GADA under 4K$

Hello, I am looking for recommandations for a watch with the following criteria. - Somehwat dressy (GADA style, but not exclusively, a dressy diver wo...

Recommendations for watches with this look and around 37-38mm?

I love the citizen Chronomaster but spending over 2k just isn't feasible. Are there any watches with similar look and size that you'd recommend?