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Aftermarket Parts...fake or restored?

So I got into watches because of classic cars. Some people call restored watches with aftermarket dials, hands and bezels fake... People didn't take c...
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Racing Watches!

I've recently found myself becoming infinitely infatuated by racing watches; Specifically, ones with panda dials. Think your breitling premieres, Hami...
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Gulf Racing Diviso

Anonymous Watch Guy checking out Roebuck Watch Company and the Diviso
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Autodromo Group B x Hodinkee

Finally! Always wanted a Group B but never got one because I like my auto inspired watches to be chronos. Loving the yellow/black but if this is a LE...
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My first vintage watch purchase - 60鈥檚 DOXA Cobart F1

Here鈥檚 the first vintage watch I ever bought, which sent my down the rabbit hole of collecting. It鈥檚 a DOXA Cobart F1, which I found at a small watch...
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Chronograph for under 3000$

My watch collection is missing a mechanical chronograph and I want to spend around 2000$. I would buy either racing or pilot watch, but I'm open to suggestions. I already found a few options, but if y...
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Loving the Presentation Box

Here is my latest acquisition - Frederique Constant Vintage Rally Healey . Though I am in honeymoon period of loving the watch, the presentation box w...
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Watches of Formula 1

It鈥檚 race day and ahead of today鈥檚 Spanish Grand Prix, I thought it would be nice to discuss the watches of Formula 1. Formula 1 and cutting edge horo...
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Ferro launched their Kickstarter today...some really cool racing designs...

In case you missed this...Ferro launched a kool Kickstarter today... I love racing watches...and this is a really fun one. You can pick up a mecaquart...
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