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Blancpain Ladybird - A Ladies' Mechanical Watch

I started contributing to ablogtowatch a few months back and one of the best perks is getting watches sent to me to review. 😍 I fell hard for this Bl...

The Brand New Longines Mini DolceVita

Pretty, compact, and comfortable, I spent a week with the brand new Longines Mini DolceVita to review for ablogtowatch. If you're interested in readin...

On My Desk Today - Zenith Defy Skyline 36

That is all.

Mom's watches

My mother recently noticed my new found fascination with watches. She mentioned that she had some old watches that she never bothered to fix. The one...

Mum’s 70th

I’m looking at a watch for Mum’s 70 birthday. All ideas welcome. One concern is that ladies’ bracelets seem to have no micro-adjust or half-links. Doe...

My lady's dream watch. HELP ME!! 😅😅

I'd say over the years I've been fortunate to acquire some absolutely wonderful watches for myself. I can't honestly say I'm done because there are st...

Would You Have?

The other day my wife mentioned she wanted to retire the watch I got her for our anniversary like 10-15 years ago. She likes my watches, (especially m...

Ladies gmt for the wife.

So I was talking to my wife. She's an business attorney who works in a different timezone than the home office for her job. So she wants to have a gmt...

A bit of ladies' touch

I know people round here mostly put on cool watches or luxury, now relax with some Citizen with style you don't often see, the PC1009-51D

Ladies 2nd hand watches

Recently I wasted some time browsing through listings of used watches on ebay - a barometer that tells you how watches manages to retain value once no...