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mikemike ·

Tokyo Visit - Any Suggestions?

I am fortunate enough to be taking a trip to Tokyo soon. Any recommendations for any must-visit * watch * related activities in the city? My itinerary...
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JapanExclusive ·

NWA! My first JDM!

Guys I did it. Got my first JDM. This particular SARX055 was acquired in @HotWatchChick69 ’s recent charity auction. Incredibly comfortable on wrist a...
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CrazyBlue ·

Steel or Titanium

I'm looking at Seiko's JDM solar radio-controlled watches and two have stood out. Both have the same dimensions, but as you can see different dials and slightly different shades of blue. Then there is...
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Metalguru68 ·

New JDM seiko

Have been on the look out for a set and forget watch for work and to set the times on my automatic watches. Seen this watch the Seiko SBTM307 on I lik...
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watchesgeek ·

#Seiko #Selection saphire crystal solar

New #seiko #solarpower #jdm #spbx143 , 37mm, #sapphire on hollow bracelet. Released on 11 th November.
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thiago ·

[GS SBGW283 Dial] - Not frustrating, but not great either

So, this week I went to a GS AD because I wanted to take a closer look into the SBGW283. I was planning to buy a GS for a long time and this new line...
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Newbee ·

Seiko SCVE003 red dot “rising sun”

This watch is AMAZING, I cannot stop staring at it. I’ve been looking… searching for this watch. Ive visited every corner of the watch based interwebs...
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Yumm75 ·

Dilemma to Sell

I have this SARB015. Bought it NOS. I thought it is such a unique version of the Alpinist. Worn it but not enough. Now no wrist time. It is difficult...
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JJMM1983 ·

Post your favorite Citizen watch

While a very popular brand I don't think they get enough love.
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