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Julien Tonare, eat your heart out!

So I set ChatGPT a task - "Create a fake history about a Swiss-made watch, in the style of a watch CEO" . Now lie back, close your eyes, picture your...

Hello my fellow watch friends.

Let's make a short introduction. My name is Jari, I'm 32 years old and live in Belgium. I have always been fascinated by watches, and since a few year...

Why are so few watches "made in USA"?

Why is it so hard to find watches that are truly "made in USA"? The main argument I've heard is that the quartz crisis of the 1970s decimated American...

Ollech and Wajs mystery watch?

Hi all, Have had this watch a little while, really struggling to find any info online. Nothing in the O+W back catalogue, 4 Hz movement, no markings o...

Updated info on this black dial Tianjin

In my recent post about a white dial Tianjin watch, I noted that "my understanding is that Tianjin Watch Factory's Tianjin branded watches were state-...

ATs education from Beijing collector Mr. Guangtao / AMCHPR 2023 tour

中国计划经济时期国产表收藏与研究 / Collection and research of domestic watches during China’s planned economy period There will be more to come from m...

What's your Heritage?

I've been wondering why we're so hung up as watch enthusiasts on heritage. In fact, I've even began to wonder what exactly heritage is within the watc...

Seiko Alpinist

I've been flirting with the idea of buying this Seiko Alpinist for about a year and a half, buying a few other watches along the way of which shared d...

Shijiazhuang Sea-Gull Watch industries Co Ltd - Sept 11 2023, & more

This is the detailed look at my tour of Shijiazhuang Watch Factory, which in this and one earlier location, goes back to the 1970s. These days, Shijia...

Chronos and Cronus: Exploring the Greek Gods of Time and Mythology

Chronos, in Greek mythology, is often associated with the concept of time, but he is distinct from Cronus (Kronos), the Titan who was the father of Ze...