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Casio F-91W on a on leather strap?

I cut a 22mm leather strap and put it on my Casio to change the look. What do you think?
113 votes

What were the best or worst things you found after buying a watch in terms of workmanship?

I was surprised at how well or poorly some of the watches were finished compared to my expectations. What is your experience in this regard? Is there...

Did you know that the Tudor Black Bay Harrods edition is now available to order online?

Is this still relevant for anyone?
78 votes

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commented on calvinchann's WRUW

Flieger Friday! 馃槑

commented on mmarco2121's WRUW

The best square! 馃挭

commented on Kiremb's WRUW

A stunning Dornbl眉th

commented on TriangleAtTwelve's WRUW

Thats a grail watch for me!

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Thats a stunner!

commented on BadgeHoarder's WRUW

A true beauty (the watch and the plant)

commented on gizzhead's WRUW

Very nice shot!

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Does anyone in thelake of constance (aka. Bodensee) area have a Tudor Black Bay with the five-link bracelet?

I have the old model of the Black Bay and would like to know if the new five-link bracelet fits the old model. I am aware that the lug is one millimet...

Does the new five-link bracelet fit the old Black Bay model?

I recently asked how to get the new Tudor bracelet and thanks to the community I found a solution. Now it turns out that some dealers say that the new...

Does anyone know how i can get the 5 link bracelet from tudor?

Tudor doesn't seem to sell bracelets separately. You can only buy it if you have the matching watch. Neither the salesman at Harrods nor the dealer I...