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MegaBob ·

Short(ened) rubber straps?!

As someone who has a below average sized left wrist I have a hard time finding decent but reasonably priced rubber straps that I can use without buckl...
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Namtheman ·

San Martin never looked so original

Custom job for the new San Martin beauty. The bracelet I got from my wife as an anniversary gift, and was going to use it on another watch, but I didn...
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boldone ·

My Newest Custom Vostok-Based Watch

Just got this beauty assembled. 2609A hand-wound movement, transparent caseback with sapphire crystal, 110 chrome-plated steel case, clean bezel, ligh...
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roberto ·

A Hem and a Tuck

One of my earliest posts on WatchCrunch was “ What is luxury? And what about watches tailored to their owners? ” Part of my interest in this has to do...
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roberto ·

La nouvelle vague d’horlogerie

Historically there have been many brands that have roots in France, several as part of fashion houses: Cartier, Breguet, Van Cleef & Arpels, Hermè...
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Inster ·

Custom Seiko 5

Absolutely adore my new custom made Seiko 5. Movement is the NH36A with hand winding and hacking option. Love the fact that it clearly is a Seiko but...
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beroplaysbass ·

Casio G-Shock DW5600

This bad boy I got at Walmart as well, it originally had a black case with no bumper. I ended up finding a bumper and red case off eBay, and it was su...
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Namtheman ·

It’s Alive!

Parts in! Customization done! What do ya think 🤔? Unfortunately I trimmed the tip of the minute hand, like an idiot, due to thinking it would be too l...
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Grenouillet ·

Seiko 5 anniversary

some creations
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