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馃毃 WatchCrunch NYC Meetup - See You Tonight! 馃毃

We are throwing a party in NYC! Many will be in town for Windup as well as Watchtime events. So let's get the gang together for an evening of watches, community, giveaways! I'll be there, will you?
Oct 21
New York, NY, US
Fri, October 21 路 7:00 PM GMT-0400
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Time; Defined & Undefined

Today, I decided to roughly define how long I was actively using WatchCrunch. Good thing I have a way to define & quantify the addiction. Every time I peeked at the WRUW or reacted to posts or replied...
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Time; How Much is Not Enough/Too Much?

For those who accepted the challenge of tracking the time you spend here (, vote here and tell us if you spend more or less...
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Best Watch for My 10yo Daughter?

Can anyone recommend a decent watch I could get for my daughter for Xmas? she is learning to tell the time and doesn't have a watch, and she knows tha...
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Ambassador Program 2.0 猸

Friends, you might've noticed the Ambassador program pop up on the site. We just simplified it and updated with some sweet prizes, and we are official...
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Best piece of WatchCrunch writing?

With a h/t to @Bobofet 's thread on the most useful WatchCrunch thread
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SOTC 2023

As everyone else is doing it
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Traveler GMT Dive Watches - Community Grown List

I've been obsessing over the idea of a traveler GMT/dive watch and have scoured the internet for them. Between James Stacey and Dave over at Just the...
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State of the Crunch !!

Elon has failed in his bid to acquire WatchCrunch, and Kanye has been escorted off the premises. My dear Crunchers, after year one, the state of the C...
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Is power reserve a deal breaker when buying a watch?

First post!
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