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Show us your beater autos!

Loving the grey dial on a warm winter day. 馃
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36mm Field Watch

So after trying to order a Smiths Everest today and it selling out while typing my credit card number and then learning that the owner of the store is...
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Islander Manhasset 36mm

So thrilled to get my Islander Manhasset 36mm on my wrist for the first time!!
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Amateur strap mod

Found a cheap 17mm wide tan strap at Cheapest Nato strap. Turned out to be too bright and orange and also black stitching just didn鈥檛 look right. So I...
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AnOrdain Model 2 = in the Wild

This a lovely little field watch out in the field. I got this as a gift from the lovely folks at AnOrdain when I helped them pro bono with some legal...
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Traska GADA Watch

So for those of you who saw and posted (thank you again), I made a post regarding my search for a GADA watch after I failed in obtaining a Smiths Everest. I cam across Traska thanks to some suggestion...
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Lorca GMT - Thoughts?

Fellow Watch Obsessed, The Loca GMT is making the press and social media rounds. Lorca has designed a gentlema鈥檚 retro travel field watch that would b...
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CWC GS Sapphire - Any Other 36mm 200M Water Resistant Watches

I鈥檝e been wearing the CWC GS Sapphire quite a bit after having discovered the joy of wearing it with an elastic MN style strap. I鈥檓 a fan of smaller w...
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Tissot Seastar 1000 36mm

Hi all, I am hoping someone has, or has hands on the TISSOT SEASTAR 1000 36MM... I have seen it at a good price online and its a gift for my brother,...
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Which DJ36 dial color is the best in your opinion?

Hey! Need some help from you I guess.. I spent last few weeks considering different options from Rolex portfolio because I decided to finally add a Ro...
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