My Grandfather's Watch

Seems time to officially share these photos. This watch was my grandfather's. It now hangs on a small stand as my desk clock. Winding it every morning is one of my favorite rituals to start the day. Even though the movement is more than 75 years old, it still keeps perfect time. The watch is a Bulova Buckingham with a movement from 1946. I have replaced the original, solid caseback with a front bezel and crystal (acquired on ebay) to avoid hiding the movement. It's mesmerizing to see something so physical in today's digital world. And if I do decide to carry the watch in my pocket, the original caseback can be swapped back in for extra protection.

As far as I know, the watch was not really special for my grandfather. I think he might have even preferred a wrist watch. But he was one of the folks for whom wrist watches don't work. And I'm glad he decided to get a pocket watch. It serves as a nice connection to the past and brightens my day every morning.