NWA!! Longines Spirit 37mm

Yesterday, i picked up this Spirit 37 like new from a local seller for a good price. I have been searching/researching for a 3-hander for over a year now to be my everyday GADA piece. I have considered the Monta Noble, BB36, CW Sealander/twelve and even a quartz Aqua Terra. But with over a year of research and deliberation, and probably watching and reading every single piece of content related to this watch, i always came back to the spirit. I cant tell you how many times i went to my AD to try this piece on, and it just sings beautifully on my 17cm wrist. Furthermore, this week was my 20th birthday, plus with my graduation in april, i finally decided to treat myself to this piece that i have been oggling over as a celebration of this milestone in my life. Truth be told, i dont think i will be getting a new watch anytime soon (last watch i got was my Seiko Samurai 2 years ago) as my collecting philosophy is to focus more on quality>quantity and extensively research and curate my collection. But this Spirit will be more than enough to occupy my wrist for the meantime.

Beautiful! This one is on my short list.

Congratulations! Amazing watch, it's on my list for my 40th birthday. But I haven't had the opportunity to have it on my wrist yet.

Very nice. I went with the Champagne dial after weeks of going back and forth between the blue. I鈥檓 happy with my choice but honestly the blue dial lives rent free in my head.

That's awesome! I'm sure this will be a great graduation gift for you! And it shall grow with you