I leaned towards bracelets

I wear all (except NATO) but...

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Depends on the watch. Depends on season/weather. But aesthetically I like leather straps the best.

I lean towards bracelets in general but also due to many straps being made shorter than I'd like.

I usually lean towards bracelet, but I do like to find a strap/nato that brings another aesthetic to it.

I like a good bracelet, but I usually prefer straps. If you don't like nato, have you ever considered perlon?

Depends on weather,watch & what I'm doing.

Pretty much NATO in winter, steel in summer.

Never leather , & dislike/allergic to rubber.

Summer nato, winter bracelets for me.

I鈥檒l wear any of them, so long as they fit.

Bracelet > Single-Pass Nato > Leather > good quality Rubber > everything else and even no Watch at all > cheap ass Rubber or Resin like on Casio Watches, i get heat rash in winter with them 馃ぃ

But i replaced my Aqua Terra Bracelet with a rubberized Leather (Performance) Strap from Hirsch. Since it's really comfortable and doesn't feel like Rubber. I'm also considering an aftermarket bracelet from Uncle Straps. Will never go back to the original bracelet. It's too wide and doesn't taper, scratches like crazy and has no microadjust.

On my Speedy (2014) i swapped for the Forstner Presidential Bracelet. And it's the most comfortable Bracelet i've ever experienced. Never went back to the original handcuff, and never tried anything other on the Speedy .... maybe i'll try some Sailcloth Straps later.

Seamaster 300 (the vintage looking one) and my Planet Ocean, both on stock bracelet. Never ever thought about switching.

Tudor BB Pro. Mostly bracelet, but also wore it with a Single Pass Nato in Summer Time.

Seiko Tuna SNE498P1. Wore it for 1 day with the stock rubber/resin straps. Absolutely disgusting, skin red and sweaty .... changed to a single-pass Nato in NTTD colors.

2 more Casios, stock Resin Straps are horrible. Switched over to Nato Adapters and single-pass Natos. 馃憤

Not sure what is perlon.