Speedy Returns!

This was my first serious watch purchase (2014). It was happily worn for years until priorities needed to shift around budgets as I was getting married. So, it was sold to a friend (@vladdythegeek). Since then - and after exploring various other items on my wish list - I decided I needed to take stock of the watch hobby as I was obviously in a different stage of life. Mulling things over for awhile, I came to the decision that I wanted to wind things down a bit with another Speedy Pro. Talking with my friend, he graciously offered to sell it back to me - if I wanted it. Fast forward to now and it was finally made possible. Thank you again, Paul, for being part of this and giving it a great home these past few years!


Nice friend you got there!! 馃嵒

It was my pleasure to take care of this piece for you for a while. :-)