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6.25” / 15.88 cm Wrist
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JLC Navigators Pocket Watch

Saw this when scrolling through European Watch Company listings. I think it's rather cool. That dial design would look good on a limited edition Maste...

San Martins For Sale

Hey all! Moving these two out to fund other things. DM me if interested (also listed on Watchuseek). Excellent condition with minimal scratches (desk)...

Subtle Variant Idea for San Martin "BB58 GMT"

I've always liked the black Rolex GMT Master II and would love to see SM pull in that inspiration, but in the BB58 case design. I would buy it over th...

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commented on Wow, what a freebie ·

Oh, now that’s mean. 😂

commented on Can anyone identify? ·

Any better photos?

commented on Vintage Herma Help ·

To me, it looks like the bezel may need to come off first.

Also, I would check out the Wristwatch Revival channel on YouTube for some ideas on tricky part removals. He uses certain tools for stubborn parts.

commented on Couldn't help myself. Designed yet another integrated bracelet watch concept. Hope you like. ·

Getting some Parmigiani Fleurier vibes 👍

commented on NWA: Rolex Air-King 5500 ·

I really like the old Air-Kings. 🍻

commented on Can someone please explain to me why this 32k watch isn't METAS certified? ·

It's an interesting exercise, but for the price, that Tudor isn't even close to being on the list.

commented on Worth its weight in gold? 👑💰💸 ·

I had the same thought. Another random offer from the crown.

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Treasure Hunting

Stopped by a few antique shops in Kentucky this weekend. Found a watch parts box that had stems, etc for various models for Elgin, Waltham, Hamilton,...

Longines Flagship Heritage Moonphase: Finally.

Longines has been on a roll for awhile, but there was always something that was amiss with a particular release (at least for me). I think they've fin...

Moonshots wearing a Moonwatch ;)

Having fun with my 70-200mm f/4 prior to vacation. Original shot @200mm - f/8: Going a little more abstract:

Do you believe in the general idea of an exit [watch]?

Let me explain - I've had various hobbies over the years and have a theory that each one has a primary arc with different stages. Once that arc has been sufficiently explored, it begins to close. For...
202 votes ·

Speedy Returns!

This was my first serious watch purchase (2014). It was happily worn for years until priorities needed to shift around budgets as I was getting marrie...

Moving out a few items : )

Hey all! Here are a few items I'm moving out to simplify and make room for a future grab. PM me if interested. Mathey-Tissot TypeXX - full kit w/warra...