First watch of 2024

I reached a point at the end of last year where I wasn鈥檛 motivated to get another watch. Weird, I know. So I did some research on micro brands and got interested in Halios. They are notoriously hard to get; always sold out and need to win a lottery to order one. I was lucky enough to secure this watch, ordered to my liking (blue dial, 12H bezel, Ti case). I think I鈥檓 good for a while!


Very cool Watch! I would get the same setup IF i win the halios lottery. Checking my spam emails for months in hope to get lucky.

They most certainly are hard to get, congratulations.

In Vancouver, they call this very model the 芦聽James Stacey聽禄.

Awesome watch! I鈥檝e had my eyes on Halios for a few years now. Maybe someday I鈥檒l score one & join you 馃し

Incredible watch! Congratulations on coming up on the list. I鈥檒l probably get an Anordain before one of these 馃槣

Beautiful dial color, congratulations!

beautiful I have same one but with yellow dial