Duties as the Designated Watch Nerd

So, having dove into the hobby head first in 2022, I now find myself taking on tasks for family, friends, co-workers, and social circles that I never signed up for. Being the nice guy that I am (shut up, I am nice) I had said yes more times than I said no. Probably because I like being the designated "expert" even though I'm really not. In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king and all that.

Unofficially, to the people I know in real life--no matter how close I or they think we are--I have somehow become:

1) the watchmaker consultant -- Watch running slow, fast, stops, noisy, etc? Can I fix it? Can I recommend a shop to fix it? Apparently I have all the connections.

2) the used watch broker -- Got a watch you want to sell but don't know the first thing about selling it? Instead of researching the web, why not come to me? It's not like I have work to do.

3) the strap finder -- Watch in need of a new strap or want to know what strap goes with what watch? See if I've got the perfect extra strap for your watch (I probably do no matter what your watch's lug size is) , or ask me where to find the strap for you.

4) the authenticity expert -- Hey, I'm thinking of buying this 1952 Omega, you think it's legit? How the hell should I know?

5) the price checker -- I know what I'm willing to pay for a watch. How the hell should I know what you're willing to pay?

6) the all-around watch knowledge dispenser -- Want to know something about a particular watch? Or did you happen to come across a movie where the character is wearing a particular watch and you're curious what brand it is? Yup, ping me.

What about you? What role do you find yourself playing in your circles in relation to watches?


Good for you, on one hand you are seen as the โ€œexpertโ€ and that has its pros and cons. Around me, a desert full of people ready to ignore the little knowledge I am achieving. ๐Ÿ˜Ž no one to talk about watches, and no one bothering. Except that 1, literally 1 person, trying to convince me that his 2 watches from the same brand are the only worth of having and adoring. Iโ€™ve shown him the wonders horologicy can peoduce, and stillโ€ฆ his are better. ๐Ÿฅน


Im more like salesperson who influence my circle to bought some watch ๐Ÿ˜


In 5 decades of being a "watch guy" only once have I been approached by anyone for anything watch related. Nobody I know cares about watches. They are normal.


My retired accountant texts me for advice on watches when he is on his 70 days luxury cruise vacations during our Canadian winters, my rich lawyer looks for deals on watches because he has zero spend history at boutiques around the city but I do. I used to be the guy that friends and family directed their questions about Breitling since during the 80s and early 90s nobody could even pronounce the brand name but I was already a fan. It was after 9/11 but before covidโ€”19 that my wife and I decided to spend a few days in Manhattan after the American Turkey Day for some shopping and dining. I was not going to risk visiting the famous Cellini in the old Waldorf Astoria Hotel until the afternoon before flying back to Toronto when the Mrs insisted we at least look in. Friends who had business in Manhattan would return to TO with stories and even timepieces purchased from the legendary shop, it was an event that I often thought about myself. Shop was staffed with a few high pressure sales agents that remind me of gents who sell high end Italian menswear in Montreal. My wife was mildly interested in a few Cartier watches, deals being offered were pretty sweet until I suddenly recall taking a calling card from a young guy who claimed to have a business relationship with the manager, instructed me to either drop his name who call his mobile if there was a watch I wanted to deal on. I was not going to sneak a watch into Canada without declaring it but was floored when the staff knew my Toronto friend well was willing to offer the super friend discount to a total stranger. I meet a lot of guys who claim to have insider contacts all the time, nice to occasionally meet a real good one.