Watch straps

I am looking to get some new straps for my watches. The problem is I am totally lost when it comes to who is good quality and what is absolute garbage. I am looking for leather and nato style. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance

Depends on your budget and how much wrist time it will get. Also if you live somewhere hot and humid, which apparently can be bad news for some leather straps.

Try StrapCode, BluShark

Check out Holbens, they source quality brands. I have a number of straps purchased through them.

Custom leather check out AaronBespoke. Aaron Pimentel is the owner. Very responsive to text or email. Check out the site.

Bark & Jack

Bark & Jack is great for nato, the chevron by Crown and Buckle is also fantastic, and for leather, strapcode is good

Watcharch, Colareb, Atelier du Bracelet Parisien

All of this is great quality


Twostich Straps , BandRbands. Both top notch and in the grand scheme of things reasonably priced.


Bark and Jack , Watch Geko , CWC (original Milspec) , CNS

Lots of other choices but those are ones that I have.

I have loads of Natos , below are few examples of mine.

BandR IWC style strap


Twostich fullstich strap


CNS Nato


Bark and Jack Ribbed


Bark and Jack Tubular


Watch Geko Signature series


I鈥檓 not the right person to ask. I just jump on Amazon or alliexpress and get so many straps that they barley have time to age and mess up before I swap them out. If you are not like me and are looking for a strap long term the quality really matters.

For me a NATO must be mil-spec sewn in buckle or what's the point?!

Best I've found are Watchgecko Zuludiver Geckota whatever they call themselves and CWC elastic NATO's. CWC are the real thing, along with Phoenix but they're not quite as comfortable.

I recommend Watchgecko above Omega NATO's even though they're far cheaper.

Good luck 馃憤馃徎馃憤馃徎