Pre-mod Invicta 8926

This just came in today.

Last year I bought an Invicta 1953 and loved it so much that I thought I’d give one of the original Pro-Diver models a try. I’ve also been itching to try a mod and have seen so much inspiration around these online.

After looking around, I found this one super cheap and couldn’t help but get it with all the ideas I had. (I thought it was interesting to see the non-yellow Invicta rotor on the movement as that’s typically their style) Honestly, it’s just as solid as the 1953 model and the engraving on the side of the case doesn’t bother me as much as I thought it would.

Since this one has the scalloped bezel and the Seamaster style insert, I decided to mod this one after a broad sword Seamaster Professional instead of a typical Sub mod. Now I just have to wait for the dial and hands to come in the mail.

Also, trying to decide if I should keep the cyclops or not. I might decide once I have the dial on hand and try it out.


This is the perfect watch to dip your toes into modding, enjoy!


Like the 1953s, both the 8926 and 8926OB are solid watches.


It's mildly irritating to have to go to the second page to figure out the movement. Any Invicta with the NH35 is a great source for parts! ;-)

Given the standard Seiko movement, is modding a 'NH35' thing? I can't bear to touch my black on black Pro Diver, but some of the Super Hot, One Time Only, As Seen On TV deals are a HOOT!