Seiko 5 SNXA11

If you're tired of your usual silver, white, black, or anthracite dial watches every time you open your watch case, you might start considering getting a blue one. Then you'll wonder, "Blue? How will I match this with my clothes?" But you'll take the plunge and buy a beautiful sunburst blue version. Suddenly, you'll realize that the watch dial doesn't necessarily have to match your blue shoes and belt. It matches with your blue suit but brown shoes, your blue trousers maybe, even with another jacket color or it matches with your blue sweater but light brown trousers. You'll find yourself exploring green, champagne, yellow, orange, and even red dialsโ€”why stop there? Before you know it, you'll likely end up like me, with a diverse collection ranging from turquoise and purple to not one but two salmon dials. This Seiko SNXA11 is one of those colorful additions. Suddenly, you'll realize the joy of vibrant dials and how perfectly they can complement your outfit, once you figure out the right pairing..