What is your favoritt Brand馃鉂わ笍

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I voted Omega out of the 4 but I am Longines all the way

I used to be all about Hamilton. Now, I have to say Longines. I guess I鈥檓 growing up.

I voted Tudor only because it鈥檚 the only brand listed that鈥檚 still in my collection.

I own both Omega and Tudor on your list and have quite a number of other brands but admit that I have enjoyed my recent Longines purchases. I suspect Longines would win this poll if added.

Omega by far out of those.

Yeah i could not put in more Brands for vots 馃槄


Seiko. They have the most designs I'm interested in

Omega. Only because is have a Speedmaster Professional. But I do love Tudor and Tissot.

E. Sinn

Then Tudor, Longines and Omega.

Tissot is not in the same ballpark as the others. And TAG really isn't either.

Omega is the best pick for me. It has everything you could ever need from a watch brand. Great history, solid movements, classic vintage pieces and any type of watch style you want. Besides how can you not go with the brand that has the Bond and moon watch.