NWA ORIS Star Diver

A vintage Oris just arrived. I was looking for a colorful dial watch, since I only have watches with black or white dials. I found this and I won a bid at a very reasonable price (service costs and import taxes elevated the price quite a bit, but wel...).

It has an old caliber 645, without hacking seconds and no fast date set. Perks of a vintage watch.

The bezel rotates with quite a hard friction, no clicks. The Plexiglas cristal needs some polywatch and even if it is a diver, I wouldn't chance it to put it under water.

The case back is so worn that it is hard to see the logo and watch specifications, but there are there.

I admit it was an impulse purchase, but I find it a beautiful watch. My first ORIS of, I hope, more to come.

It was advertised as a 1970-1979 watch. Maybe a more educated cruncher than me could find out the specific year. I really hope it is from my birth year!


Wow that鈥檚 a beautiful watch! Congratulations 馃帀馃嵕馃敟馃挴


Wow that鈥檚 a beautiful watch! Congratulations 馃帀馃嵕馃敟馃挴


Vintage watches are great!!

Really nice 馃憣


Vintage watches are great!!

Not the most accurate ones, but great nonetheless!


Really nice 馃憣

Thank you!

Cool looking watch! One thing you need to be aware of with vintage Oris is that many of them used pin pallet movements which aren't necessarily serviceable, this can be an issue if the watch isn't running properly.

Very cool Oris! 馃憣

Love that dial! Congrats!

Just curious, what is the size?