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My first Titanium watch

After selling two of my automatic watches I decided to pick up a new quartz watch to fill the gap. After visiting my local watchmaker I decided on thi...

vostok komandirskie

This is day 3 with my vostok komandirskie, I鈥檝e been loving it so far, now I got a fire going, and a nice book to read while wearing it, gonna be a ni...

It Arrived!

I just picked up my 24 hour dial Vostok from the post office a few minutes ago. I鈥檓 absolutely amazed by the condition, it鈥檚 much better than I was ex...

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Ren1939 commented on Don鈥檛 drop your watch

Sorry to hear that :( hope you get it fixed

Ren1939 commented on a post

I鈥檓 so sorry to hear that, I鈥檓 glad everyone is safe though

Ren1939 commented on 666 ft. The double D or Devil Diver.

Very good question, I鈥檝e been asking myself this question for a while. I paid $869 for mine about a year ago

Ren1939 commented on Invicta Russian diver ghost bridge

Very cool love the style but hate the size

Ren1939 commented on Fossil blue on black
Ren1939 commented on EDC for the day


Ren1939 commented on 666 ft. The double D or Devil Diver.

I like my Devil Diver, I have the green version

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Happy thanksgiving WC

To celebrate thanksgiving I decided to bring out and carry my 1939 Waltham today. I really only wear it on special occasions and today is one. I hope...

My new watch

I just purchased this Vostok Komandirskie on eBay for $120 a few minutes ago solely for the 24 hour dial, as I don鈥檛 have anything like this in my col...

New watch

A few days ago I said I was done buying watches but you guys were right the cycle never ends I just have to accept that lol. Anyways I just picked up...

Swiss Army

This Swiss Army watch was a gift from my grandfather around a year ago. Its been a wonderful and tough work watch for a while however I can鈥檛 find any...

My watch collection

I鈥檝e only been on here for a couple of weeks but I鈥檝e been collecting watches for around 3 years now. After obtaining my grail watch I thought it鈥檚 ti...

Grail watch arrived! 馃帀馃帀

My Grail watch just arrived in the mail a few minutes ago. After years of searching I鈥檓 so glad to finally have this piece in my collection. Maybe it鈥...