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6.50โ€ / 16.50 cm Wrist
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Frederique Constant Classics Premiere

What? Frederique Constant Classics Premiere. A limited edition run. I think to celebrate 35 years of the brand being in business. 38.5 mm Case diamete...

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commented on Just because you can put a dress watch on a parachute strap... ยท

I approve

commented on How are your lugs holding up after a strap change? ยท

Dental floss can be used instead of a spring bar tool. Tutorials should be on YouTube

commented on Pobaxi's WRUW ยท

Asked me the same question couple of weeks ago.

commented on New Arrival of a Favorable 'Synthwave' Timepiece ยท

Where is the Akira motorcycle break gif?

commented on Pobaxi's WRUW ยท

Mother of pearl pieces inlayed in Urushi laquer.

commented on trijicon's WRUW ยท

Have a thumbs up for MOC

commented on Pobaxi's WRUW ยท

nothing to complain about.

Dial is good, case is good.