Fxd straps

Has anyone tried out the garmin fenix 6 22mm velcro straps for their fxd im waiting on mine coming but enjoying the watch so far on the original strap and a nato cheers

I've seen it done. But personally, I think it looks perfect on this strap.

I'll see what it's like when it comes but yes I agree I like it on this


The Garmin Topo would be 馃憣馃徏

Love my Erika's marine straps! They are expensive and slow to arrive, but they are well made and customizable 馃挭


So many options for the FXD. I prefer ones from Nick Mankey and Watch Stewart over the great but expensive Erika鈥檚 Originals.

So I did a comparison of a couple different straps and posted here a little while back.


Short of it; the tactical Frog "style", either from their website or Amazon were the closest in looks to the oem, but are a bit softer/thicker. And for $15 a pop, it's hard to overlook them.

I haven't tried the garmin branded ones, but I tried the olytop(?) Off Amazon that are identical in function. Worked ok, and I like the no material underneath, but these look much better.

Still looking for the grail no-fabric-underneath-but-still-velcro option. No luck yet!