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Peterborough, UK
8.00” / 20.32 cm Wrist
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commented on Which way to go ·

It’s nice to see the lack of typical ‘enabling’ that you see in online groups here.

commented on Credor Kuon GCLX999 Acquired. Love it!!! ·

Sadly I still won’t have that sort of cash for a few years yet but it’s great to know you that there is a Eichi-style watch at a less unaffordable price point. Appreciate you sharing your pictures, she’s a beaut!

commented on Credor Kuon GCLX999 Acquired. Love it!!! ·

Wow, $8400 you say? Suddenly this post has become a whole lot more interesting, why is this piece never mentioned when people talk about the Eichi?!

commented on Thinking of buying a white dial mooonphase ·

I was disappointed by the JLC and ended up flipping it if that makes any difference, and that was before they jacked the price. I just never connected with it at all.

commented on Your Fav Microbrand? ·

I can’t put my finger on it but it’s just so beater-y and comfortable to me. It’s clearly been made to meet a low price point but I love it.

commented on Your Fav Microbrand? ·

It’s definitely easy to get carried away and blow all your watch savings on micros just to have something right now, rather than patiently build money for a bigger purchase down the way.

commented on Your Fav Microbrand? ·

I was trying to think of a watch for my wife to get me as a present on an affordable budget and settled on the Boldr Venture, which is their little field watch. It retails at £249/$299.

I thought I would get it and wear it in rotation with no bother but this thing…..there’s something about it. It’s the cheapest watch in my collection but I find myself reaching for it again and again, and finding excuses to wear it out of its normal place in the rotation. It disappears on the wrist but has such a cool case shape, perfect hand length, a tiny splash of orange colour, I just love it.

Cons are that the lume could be more enduring and the NH35 is a little ‘scratchy’ on a hand wind but at this price I just don’t care.