I got lucky today at Walmart

I found this baby at Walmart for $10! No brainer! I finally got lucky馃榿


Dang that鈥檚 a damn good deal!! Well done 馃鉂わ笍馃

I like the post title. That's not one you see too often.

Great deal! I see so many great deals at Walmart for watches. Congratulations! It鈥檚 like a G-Schock and Casio Royale got together and had this watch. 馃槀

Sweet, a useful watch and a bargain at that!

What is the model number? That has me intrigued!

Really depends on the location sometimes. At least here in Texas. Some stores are an absolute dream, others have next to nothing. Good score with this one though

Model number? Would love to get my hands on one!

This could be one of their new models in the Youth range, I haven't seen it before but it's very much an AE-1000 with an analogue movement added. Must be an AQ something or other.