The Bulova Super Seville Day & Date or the budget President

Of all the millions of copies of Rolex designs, the Day date is the hardest to copy well. I think this one does it the best, besides the Mido Commander, wich is a little bit bigger. Even though I sold this beauty, because I'm not into hommages anymore it has a great history.

This one was originaly purchased in 2002. They were made since the 70s. The information is scares for these models, here's what I gathered.

The Bulova company was once the worlds largest manufacturer of wrist watches an in the glory days seen everywere. They were the ones that, even though Omega gets all the credit, that made the moonlanding possible with the accutron technology.

So why would they make a one to one replica of rolex greatest model?

The answere is simple. For what I found the quartz crisis hit Bulova just as much as every other swiss Brand. To survive the only way was to copy luxury watches, as they were the only mechanical models that sold anymore. 

(For example, Bulova also copied the AP Royal Oak)

The interesting question that follows, at least for me is:                   Why did they continue the production into the new millenia?

What do you think about this wonderfully swiss made hommage from a historic brand?

Even though the super golden aesthetic wasn't for me, the watch is amazingly well finished, has a ETA 28-36-2, that clicked Day and Date right on midnight and had just the perfect proportions. It can be found in a veriaty of combinations, also silver and twotone and with plenty dial options.


Nice-tough to find watch these days that commands a premium price if you do find one.


Nice-tough to find watch these days that commands a premium price if you do find one.

Thats true. when I bought it the watches were priced between 200-350 dollar, now 400-600 even.