Creating your shortlist

As I create my shortlist for my 23/24 purchase I have noted a theme… like many of us I would imagine we add delete add delete. There is one anomaly, which I think I am will get anyway 🤔 but, the theme in general is obvious. No matter how I try to broaden my horizons I am pulled back like a magnet. And when people ask on WC do watches sing to you etc etc Well there it is… I would have them all, but I like being married to my wife 😂


Marriages come and go watches are forever,only joking married for 30 odd yrs ,like most people including myself your collection Is diver based ,I put this down to me being a manual worker wearing overalls so never really needed a dress watch , even being retired I still prefer diver watches


Just been to the AD, yes it’s subjective. It’s off the list it’s bloody awful 🤦‍♂