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Iconic image

When you walk into the garage and look down and see the best image IMHO in the watch world. Best lume, as it should be. Can鈥檛 beat a sandwich dial for...

Midlands crunchers UK meetup

Friday lunchtime meet up for those of us in central England 馃憤 Coffee and watches conversations
May 3
England, GB
Fri, May 3 路 12:30 AM BST

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This has blown my mind 馃憣 Black bay chronograph in pink on the Jubilee T fit bracelet 馃く 馃憣 馃憣 馃憣 First on the waiting list at my boutique in Birmingh...

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commented on My favorite W&W24 release! What's yours?

The BB 58 Monochromatic. Because it鈥檚 a Sub killer 馃憣馃槀

commented on Bremont in the Financial Times. It's bleaker than we thought.

And that鈥檚 why I never buy off the internet. Only when in hand can you get the connection, and it just felt awful. The bracelet felt like it had come from a Seiko and the rubber strap that came with it was so thin that it felt like it would snap under tension.

commented on Bremont in the Financial Times. It's bleaker than we thought.

Only one I have ever shown interest in is this one. Travelled to a boutique in Manchester to see it. And, 馃う鈥嶁檪 Meh 馃槕. Jut felt like the price to quality wasn鈥檛 there. Put them next to a Tudor as a direct competitor and it鈥檚 a no brainer. I really wanted to like it.

commented on Elegant divers

Panerai Radiomir Quaranta

commented on Iconic image

The new 40mm Radiomir鈥檚 are stunning 馃憣

commented on What has been your biggest watch regrets in the last 5 years.

Selling my 2002 Seamaster 300 because I was bored during COVID. Absolute moron馃槨

commented on What are the most overrated watches for you?

I always had an aversion to IWC, overrated etc, but I handled a XX and the aqua timer and I am now 馃

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I am going to counselling鈥.

Wednesday I purchased a Doxa Professional 300T, so so pleased with it, it鈥檚 been on my list for a while. Pulled the trigger. Happy Christmas 馃憤 Friday...

SOTC 2023

So the end of 2023 gives me a definitive direction with my collecting. Let鈥檚 think 馃 well I am in no doubt it鈥檚 DIVERS. 馃槑馃た Made a couple of sales s...

Conquest Chronograph 42mm Mens Watch Silver

Longines are on Fire 馃敟 I am not a fan of chronographs, but this 馃槏 They have knocked it out the park. Definitely a 2024 contender


Found this amongst my wife鈥檚 passed mother鈥檚 jewellery. Any ideas knowledge of this era? I can鈥檛 see away of getting the back off. Any ideas? Thanks i...

UK: Derby/Nottingham/Uttoxeter, potential Dec watch bants meet up?

UK: Derby/Nottingham/Uttoxeter, potential Dec watch bants meet up? Any crunchers in these areas up for Watch bants cafe meet up? Couple of decent Coff...

Just found this

1985, wearing the Original Seiko Ceramic / Titanium Quartz 1000m Tuna Diver. This pic was taken at the start of week 1 of my 20 week Military diver tr...