Sorry for my bad English. Last year 2022 I have purchased two watches. Brand new Two tone black submariner and Tudor BB 58 Blue from AD in Australia.

Unfortunately I discovered the both have quality issue. BB 58 Blue has a dust on the glass dial and Black two tone Sub has a chip on the printed dial.

Experience and customer service at the Rolex AD is the not the best to experience โ€ฆ. I lost so much respect because they choose who to sell. If you know what I meant. I went through unpleasant process to purchased two watches NOW what I got here QC Problem watches.

What do you think about their watches and service in their ADโ€ฆ share your experience. I hope your experience is different from mine. Thanks guys๐Ÿ™ happy days.


I have to say that Iโ€™m not as meticulous as many people here, so some QC issues I see people complain about wouldnโ€™t bother me. But. If I jumped through the hoops Rolex requires before they allow you to spend your money, I sure as hell expect that watch to be perfect. Iโ€™d be at the AD every day until they fixed the problems, and I wouldnโ€™t be shy about telling them how I felt about it. I should note that Iโ€™m not a confrontational person, and I hate complaining. But when you make the barrier to entry so high and make your customer crawl, you better deliver.


Well, I had the same QC issue with Tudor when I purchased by BB58. I had few specs of dust on the dial and under the crystal, the lume plots at two markers were not applied uniformly plus my flip lock became loose after a day. I went back to my Tudor AD and showed him the problem, and it went right away for service to get fixed. I got it within a couple of months as my AD assured me. My experience with the Tudor AD was absolutely fine but it was disappointing to see such QC issues on an expensive watch, I did need up selling my BB58 within a month after I got it fixed. If I don't expect such QC issues at Tudor's price point, I wouldn't definitely accept it with Rolex knowing what you have to go through to get a submariner. Hope you got both fixed by your AD.


I bought a new Tudor Ranger in October 2022 that didn't run properly. I'm still waiting to get it back from warranty service. I'm not sure I will ever buy another Tudor due to all the QC issues I've read about. I was thinking about maybe adding the blue BB 58 one day, but now I'm not sure.