Worn & Wound Wind-Up Watch Fair 2022

Since Max was on a Worn & Wound Podcast show recently, I figure it would be good opportunity to bring up a related topic.

Anybody planning on going to one of these Worn & Wound Wind-Up Watch Fairs this year? Have you ever been to one? Anything in particular you are interested or excited to see or experience at one of these shows if you haven't been to one before? If you have been and planning to go again this year, what are you looking forward to at such an event this time?

I believe they will be in San Francisco, Chicago and NYC this year.

For me, I've been to the first 2 held in San Francisco.. 2018 & 2019. They were both great events and seem to get better each time.. well.. since they were only able to have 2 times in SF, I can only say the 2nd was even better than the first.

It's probably the best place to finally get to see many microbrands upclose and in the metal. Otherwise, you pretty much have to commit to a purchase to ever see nearly all microbrands before you can know how it is like and whether it has that IT factor in person and on the wrist or not. We all know it's different to see and experience in person than to extract that information and feeling from pics, videos and reviews, written or video or otherwise.

I had a chance to checkout AnOrdain upclose. They are known for their lovely handmade dials. These are such thing which you have to see in person to really get the full and real effect of the richness and high quality of such artisinal dials.

Additionally, you get to interact with the respective brand owners in person. And, provided you are open and social enough, interact with fellow watch enthusiasts... Which is also a cool way to check out what others are wearing to the event and further getting to see other brands in the metal which you may not otherwise get chance to see. As an example, a friend of a friend had a Resonance when we attended the Wind-Up Watch Fair on year. 聽That watch is a very interesting watch being oil filled and the visual effect and how dynamic the dial operates and displays information under it's widely domed crystal.

Christopher Ward & Hamilton was supposed to be at the 2020 one, but the fair got cancelled for obvious worldwide reasons. They have many interesting watches that would have been cool to check out.

I haven't seen the full roster for this year's show. But, off the top of my head, I look forward to seeing Zelos, Halios, and Baltic again. They also have non-microbrands such as Oris, afore mentioned Hamilton, Laco & Zodiac are just some of the brands that I can recall should be at the fair again.

Will definitely going to the one in SF in April. Hope to see and maybe meet some of the Watchcrunch community at the event, perhaps.

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Thanks for the shout out! 聽The watch fair looks like a lot of fun. Maybe we'll talk to worn and wound about having a WatchCrunch booth there 馃


Thanks for the shout out! 聽The watch fair looks like a lot of fun. Maybe we'll talk to worn and wound about having a WatchCrunch booth there 馃

Cool! It's a great space to meet and interact with a large variety of watch enthusiasts.