Lume on Breitling Montbrilliant

It doesn’t hold for more than 4 hours or so, but the transition from a highly detailed ‘daytime’ dial to a ‘simple’ easy to read nighttime dial gives this watch an extra dimension- like two watches in one. I never used to think so, but having decent lume on a watch would be a deal breaker for me now. Thoughts? Which watch do you think has the ‘best’ lume? 


My Seiko SPB147 holds the best lume along with my Sinn 104 ! I think Rolex has the prettiest lume on their watches with that soft aqua blue colour… it was on a Seiko also I gave my brother in law . Very legible and long lasting too.


Lume is a bit of a gimmick IMO because it works well only when the transition from light to dark is fast enough or when you recharge it with a torch. it's much less effective under normal day to night transition time, and it seldom last for a full night, unless the illumination is provided by tritium like on my Marathon MSAR.