I Like It, But Why Wouldn't I?

This watch has been with me since I turned 18,and I had celebrated my 30th birthday a month ago. It's more than just a watch. It feels like an old, reliable friend to me than a timepiece, despite the issues its movement has given me.

It arrived with a plain-Jane black alligator strap which was quickly swapped for a blue one, and it spent years, years on my wrist. Breakups, graduations, celebrations. Many misadventures here on Long Island, this thing has seen it all.

Every college exam, every paper, every class I took, every flight lesson I took, this watch accompanied me.

I never quite grasped the concept of a "dress watch", and being a rarer piece from Oris, I wanted it to see the light of day as much as possible! And so I kept wearing it, and treating it most unlike an Oris Artelier. It knew every outfit I threw together.

Recently however, I threw it on a brushed steel bracelet, an IWC Spitfire style with a deployant clasp. Just like that, it inched closer to a GADA watch, despite its lip-service water resistance of maybe 30 meters. That change in strap was everything, and made it feel more appropriate for my life.

More scratches and nicks grew on the polished steel case, yet that crystal remains untouched. It felt like the field watch I never knew I wanted, especially with an ETA 2892 ticking away.

Now, after finding that elusive 21mm strap in blue, it has an all new personality. One more flexible. I shouldn't even call it that, since I never considered its flexibility in the first place.

It's just my same old friend, with a new pair of shoes. Now, it'll see urban exploration, flight instruction as I finish preparing for my new career, and who knows? Once I start wearing ties again, it may come full circle to that same black strap it came with.

I didn't think think I would like it this much, but why wouldn't I? It's my most special timepiece.


It is definitely a unique piece!


I have over 10,000 hours in a Cessna 172XP but never got my license.

I love ORIS and yours is beautiful! Love the big date!